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"From my rotting body flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity."

- Edvard Munch -

Dead When We Met (DWWM) believes all animals were put on this earth as a blessing to humans. Ethical taxidermy is one of the ways people can recycle the bones, antlers, pelts, etc. of an animal to honor an animals purpose and portray it's beauty, forever. 


Many people do not realize that while taxidermy may be a way of mounting a stuffed animal on the wall to look at, it can also be widely used to express individuality. bones and miscellaneous other parts can be used as jewelry pieces. Taxidermy is widely associated with hunting, which is not always the idea. 

Some believe using furs is unfair to animals, we agree! However, we realize that sometimes animals need to be consumed, some people even need to eat meat due to medical issues. DWWM believes that if you are going to eat an animal you should try to put to use every piece of that animal or return it to nature once again (instead of eating parts or skinning it and throwing it to the garbage). Mice and other animals actually eat the marrow in bones, and chickens love to peck them too!


Taxidermy and Vulture Culture is also a great way to learn about the biology of different animals, their lives, mannerisms, and their habitats. It can also be a great way to get you acquainted with the woods and getting more in touch with the earth.  Wandering the woods looking for your new oddities means you're also getting sun, which means in turn you can also boost your immune system, and it can help with some depression.

I decided to get into oddities after learning many native americans and tribes use every piece of the animal they hunt in order to be respectful to the animal. I was immensely fascinated by this. As a child, i wanted to be a veterinarian, i loved all animals and respected everything about them. i loved the woods and farms, i wanted to know everything about all animals: where they live, what they eat, why they do things, etc.. When i was a teenager in high school, i decided to try to go vegetarian, hoping to eventually go vegan. I felt a heaviness on my conscience for consuming animals i spent so much time caring about. After about a year, i found myself suddenly in the hospital with severe anemia. My iron was so low, i needed red meat, and all the green veggies and supplements just weren't enough for my body.  It was then i discovered, consuming an animal doesn't have to be something i necessarily feel bad about all the time.  After all the trouble, i was finally home spending most of my time in bed, eating meat, veggies, and fish, taking my medication.  At 18, i discovered ethical taxidermy and oddities at a tattoo convention in Massachusetts. I talked to the owner of this particular company (I believe they're from Maryland, I wish I could remember the company name) and she told me taxidermy is a great way to help with all those mixed feelings.  I started walking the woods nearly everyday and started my own collection of beautiful witchy dead things. Since then, i was hooked! 

DWWM (Rhode Island, US) only features ethically sourced remains of all animals & bugs, meaning we do not kill any of the species that are showcased or sold.


Taxidermy has a stigma of being "gross," all bones and other remains have been sanitized and cleaned a minimum of 3+ times before production. After collecting, remains are boiled to kill any bugs and germs, remove dirt/moss/etc., and loosen remaining skin or organ matter. After boiling for a minimum of 30 mins, bones are soaked in a gentle soap for 8 hours, scrubbed with a toothbrush, and then rinsed with water. After rinsing, the specimen(s) are transferred into another soak of about 3% hydrogen peroxide and the rest water to whiten and clean them. Then are set to dry for at least 12 hours. If the items still do not look or feel clean, i repeat the process for longer amounts of time.


After they're clean and completely dry, they are set aside for whatever project they become a part of! After they're completely assembled and ready to sell/showcase/ship they are touched up one more time with the according cleaning job and then packaged! 

As always, I am willing to do custom pieces (contact info is at the bottom of the page) However, at this time I only ship within the United States. 

Shop Taxidermy, Jewelry, & Dead When We Met t-shirts/hoodies below! Just click on your favorite and start shopping!

Thank you & happy hunting!

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee

unique 6x4 vintage, brown shadow-box with luxurious flocked black & white velvet paper & dainty, pastel pink diamond frame placed around an ethically sourced dried wood - boring bee $30 click to purchase!

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

one of a kind, 7x7 black shadow - box with subtle & soft black background & pastel pink victorian oval frame for accent around an ethically sourced dried bumble bee $35 click to purchase!

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Bumble Bee

one of a kind, 7x7 black shadow - box with subtle & soft black background & pastel pink victorian oval frame for accent around an ethically sourced dried bumble bee $35 click to purchase!

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